Bengaluru Walk-a-thon is an opportunity for the disabled community to walk step in step with all to generate awareness about a common issue that affects one and all irrespective of abilities – Environment. While commemorating World Disability Day the disabled community intends to send out the following message loud and clear
“Segregate waste at source – save the environment”.

Facts about waste

  • • India generates 30 million tons of waste annually
  • • Namma Bengaluru generates 2000-3000 tons of solid waste each day
  • • 75% if the waste generated is organic
  • • 67% of the 25% waste generated is recyclable

Hazards of inappropriate waste management and landfills

  • • Ground water contamination
  • •Emission of highly toxic smoke
  • • Spread of infectious diseases

Outcome – Imbalance in Biodiversity and Ecosystem
Solution for maximized social welfare

  • Segregation of waste at source into organic, dry and sanitary/medical waste

Samarthanam’s contribution

  • • Through project titled ‘Parisara’ dry & E-waste is collected, disposed scientifically and recycled
  • • Through Project ‘Punar’ we train women with disabilities and those with disabling conditions to make recycled products out of dry waste and generate livelihoods.

Come join your hands, march step in step to make the 10th Walk-a-thon a thundering success to promote waste segregation and protect Environment.


Walkathon Campaigns

» 2013 Bengaluru Walk-a-thon – walk to educate witnessed over 15000 registrations to support the cause thereby registering a huge success.


» Step up to join Bengaluru Walk-a-thon 2014Walk for a better Environment – a better tomorrow!
Join us to send out a clear and loud message – ‘Segregate waste at source – save the environment’


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