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Nikhita was born in normal condition yet at a tender age of one year, had to go through jaundice that left her with abnormalities in her backbone. She gradually learned to walk independently and attended mainstream schooling till primary. The soul was filled with hope and always ready to change challenges in her favor.


After joining Samarthanam, she found a place where she could fit, and there was no stopping to her learning. She bagged numerous trophies and awards participating in the group dance, music, quiz, coloring competition and the series of achieving never ends. Nikitha prepares paper bags under vocational training and got computer training in AMBA. She presents herself as a leader for 20 other students in Samarthanam and inspires them unconditionally. She is a prime example for those who feel they can’t achieve anything due to their disability. Her handwork and determination are directed to greater heights, here, at Samarthanam.


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