Samarthanams Residential Primary School, established in 2009, accommodates over 200 children from classes 1 to 7, in Bengaluru. Recognized by Karnataka State Board of Education, the School follows Karnataka State syllabus. The Primary School has well equipped infrastructure, security, qualified teachers and care takers to educate and provide care for students with disabilities, orphans, children of single parents and from underprivileged backgrounds. Along with quality education, the school facilitates free tuition, accommodation, study support through volunteers, training in extracurricular activities, accessible infrastructure, study material in digital format and so on, to ensure holistic development of the students.



All the free residential schools at Samarthanam organize extra-curricular activities, regular study tours, , performances on various platforms, and opportunities for corporate interactions and also interactions with leaders, influencers and policy makers . Frequent health checks, pediatrician visits, access to high quality health care facilities, corrective surgeries and treatments are provided to ensure a healthy lifestyle for the children. Class room teaching is complemented with regular volunteer visits from various firms to conduct activity based classes in languages, social, science and maths helping the students learn better and improve communication skills.


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