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Shri Mahantesh GK, Founder Managing Trustee, and Smt Vasanti Savanur, Trustee, Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled along with a few dignitaries representing the Corporate (Name not shared on request) that supported the kitchen were the ‘Guest of Honor’ and ‘Chief Guests’ of the inauguration ceremony. 

The kitchen warming ceremony was followed by the traditional ‘boiling of milk’ after which Shri Mahantesh addressed the gathering by sharing the significance of hygiene for cooking food. He also said that when one is cooking for children, utmost care is to be ensured while cooking a well-balanced diet that meets the nutritional requirements of the children. 

He further said, “Samarthanam has grown in terms of reach and expansion and this hi-tech state-of-the-art kitchen is an example of the same.” Smt. Vasanti said, “When Samarthanam came into existence in the year 1997, we had a very small kitchen which was feeding a very small number of our children. We used kerosene stove for cooking then.” “Today speaks of the huge transformation we have had as far as the reach and cooking equipment is concerned - from kerosene stoves to gas pipelines.”, she recalled.

The new kitchen which is semi-automated and modular in nature is of industrial grade and can compete with any medium scale fast food center or restaurant. The 25kg capacity dough kneader for instance or the industry grade refrigerator or the multiple cooktops like stoves, dosa plate, etc can feed over 500 people at a single time with the time taken for cooking is under 25 minutes. This kitchen is located near the multipurpose hall of Samarthanam with easy access to supply and serve over 400 people in one seating. 

Some of the equipment found in this new kitchen are, the double-jacketed milk vessel of 60-liter capacity; rice vessel for cooking up to 25kg of rice under 20 minutes; dal vessel that cooks up to 25kg of lentils in under 20 minutes; industry grade vegetable chopping machine, etc. to name a few. 



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