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The Team at Samarthanam in all its glory and gusto organized the Annual Sports Meet 2018 at the BBMP Grounds, HSR Layout. The event also marked the inauguration of the Samarthanam Sports Academy which is making its debut this year. After having won the 5th Blind Cricket World Cup not once but twice since its inception in 1996, the foundation of the sports academy comes as no surprise. 


Mr. GK. Mahantesh, Founder  - Managing Trustee, Samarthanam & President, CABI and World Blind Cricket stated, “Sports is essential for every community and disability should never hinder the spirit of sportsmanship. At Samarthanam, we aim to demolish the boundaries to give equal opportunities to the disabled by encouraging them to participate in normal games and sporting activities.”


Mr. Mahantesh inaugurated the Samarthanam Sports Academy with the sole goal which is - to develop skills and in turn, boost the disabled person’s confidence and self-esteem via various sports activities alongside Cricket.


The first day of the sports meet witnessed the students of Samarthanam actively participating in the events organized by the trust. The sports categories included sprint, relay, and a lot more fun activities accompanied with unhindered joy and peals of laughter. The children had a wonderful time, and their enthusiasm knew no bounds.


The second day was an exclusive sports event for the staff at Samarthanam with a plethora of games and activities like athletic events like Sprint (100mt, 200mt, etc.), Shot put, Cricket, Tug of War, and so on.



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