Education for everyone!

Bring them Back to School.

Samarthanam believes that education is for everyone. This school season we have pledged to bring 50 students back to school and walk along towards accomplishing their study dreams.

"I always wanted to be a doctor but I hope I am not late," says seven-year-old Priya, who never forgets to greet people with a smile. Priya is currently in her first standard and always tops her class at Samarthanam School. "I love to sing and dance but I want to study first," says Roopa, the chirpy girl from Class 7 at Samarthanam School.

While many girls like Priya and Roopa have been offered support to step into a school and pursue education, there are still 8.4 crore Indian children who do not go to school, for various reasons!

Samarthanam's education initiative makes more than 11,000 kids realize their study dreams each year and move to the next level. But the world is big and the need is higher. There are more children out there who want to be the next bright minds of the country and need our assistance to make it a possibility.

Samarthanam "Back to School" campaign is an effort to encourage and bring 50 kids back to school. Our mission needs the support of all benevolent hands who believe in the same cause.

Join us in taking education to each door and make them study towards their dreams!

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